When was the last time the GOP stood up for anything to help the average American? I can’t think of anything, but maybe you can. In order for the GOP to tell you that they support the average American you have to use some mental gymnastics — by trying to create an environment where big business can trounce any individual initiative or entitlement, big business can then hire more people, so… therefore (here it comes) they support the American people. This is what the GOP has been arguing for over three decades.

So it comes as no shock that Republicans are going to oppose the new consumer financial protection agency.

From HuffPo:

Senate Republicans are determined to prevent the creation of an independent Consumer Financial Protection Agency because they consider it as threatening as their current arch-nemesis regulator: the Environmental Protection Agency.

Consumer advocates, meanwhile, say the CFPA must have strong, independent authority to craft and enforce rules. Anything less, they argue, would be too much of a concession to banks that have gotten enough already.

“From the Republican point of view, the idea of a separate agency is still anathema,” said Sen. Robert Bennett of Utah, a senior Republican on the banking committee. An independent agency, he said, can go too far in the direction of tight regulation without taking into account the effect of the rules it creates on business and the economy. He said he’s seen it happen before.

“Can you say EPA?” he asked, lifting his eyebrows. The Republican Party has regretted for years that President Richard Nixon made the EPA independent. (more…)