The Errington Thompson Show 1-17-09

I start off the show with a high five for pilot Chesley Sullenberger and his crew. Bush has a press conference and an 13-minute primetime self-congratulatory chat with the American public (barf bag please). Bradley Schlozman (what a great name), former head of the Civil Rights office, has been found to have violated civil rights law. With luck, Eric Holder will follow up on this. We tortured Mohammed al-Qahtani. Susan Crawford gave an interview to WaPo (story written by Bob Woodward, so it must be true 🙂 ), basically saying that she wouldn’t prosecute because he was tortured. This is a problem.

In the Dare to be Stupid portion of the show, I highlight the fact that Karl Rove has asked us to write President Bush a farewell letter. I also highlight Marcus Schrenker, who tried to fake his own plane crash and death.

My guests – Marcy Wheeler of Empty Wheel and Mike Finnigan of Crooks and Liars.

Let’s Rewind (a review of the week’s stories) – Racine mayor Gary Becker is arrested for sexual assault.  Wow, its cold.

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  1. In fairness to Marcus Schrenker of Dare to Be Stupid, we should give him credit for (1) understanding he must don a parachute; and (2) equally important, remembering to open it.

    But seriously,

    I can’t understand why, if he wished to fake his death, Schrenker allowed his aircraft to crash on dry land, where it was recovered and his fraud found out.

    He should simply have put enough fuel in the plane to get it about 100 miles out over the Gulf of Mexico and then set his autopilot to fly straight south. Lastly, he’d parachute over land before passing the Florida coast, at night so there’d be no witness to his bailing out. Almost certainly, the downed aircraft would never have been recovered and Schrenker would then have been presumed dead.

    He’d have had a decent chance of pulling off at least his initial disappearance. Unless he rear-ended a police car with his getaway motorcycle, that is….

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