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Okay, here’s a surprise, the Bush administration is resisting government oversight. Really? I’m sure if you look in the dictionary, (I think there’s one in the White House) you can’t find the word oversight anywhere. We’ve had no oversight in Iraq. We’ve had no oversight in the financial markets. As a matter of fact, our president encouraged the financial markets to do whatever they wanted because he was creating “the ownership society.” Whether it is torturing prisoners at Guantánamo Bay or developing an energy policy that promotes the oil industry, this administration has been deathly allergic to oversight.

From the Washington Post:

Democratic leaders said they were near agreement with the Bush administration yesterday on key provisions of a massive plan to revive the U.S. financial system, but the two sides remained at odds over other issues and were struggling to gain the support of rank-and-file lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Although the White House has warned of severe consequences if the bailout plan is not approved by Friday, lawmakers crafting the measure said their work may well stretch past that deadline.

The Bush administration is resisting changes to the measure being sought by Democratic leaders and many Republicans, including one that would grant the government authority to cut executive pay at firms that participate in the bailout and another that would guarantee that taxpayers share in the profits if those firms recover financially. (more… )