I moved to St. Louis back in 1994. There was a lot of flooding that spring and I was trying to build a house but the basement walls collapsed twice during construction because the ground was so saturated with water. The current situation with flooding is reportedly worse.

The St. Louis Dispatch has an interactive map which has more information on flooded areas.

Again, we– the American people– will be asking FEMA and this dysfunctional Bush administration for help. Yuck.


From St. Louis Dispatch:

Workers know what’s at stake if they can’t keep the flood waters off the interstate.

“Obviously, Interstate 44 is a major arterial through our region, for motorists and for interstate commerce,” Wang said. “We’re very aware of that. And, it’s Easter weekend and people may be traveling this weekend. That’s why we’re taking these measures to keep Mother Nature at bay.”

St. Louis County’s emergency management office this morning said Highway 109 is probably the next road that will be affected. Water is threatening to close Highway 109 by Eureka High School and Highway 109 at Old State Road. Early today, about 4:30 a.m., the county’s police helicopter saw that water was about 10 feet from reaching Highway 109. (more…)