Iraq War – So what now?

There is a famous scene from the Untouchables in which it looks like there will be no case against Capone. Malone (Sean Connery) turns to Eliott Ness (Kevin Cosner) and says, “So, what are you going to do now?” I feel like liberals all across the country have turned to the Senate and said the same thing. The answer that seems to be coming out of the Senate (Joe Biden and Carl Levin leading the way) is to revoke the original authorization. Let’s remember that the case to go to war was built on a 3 legged stool – Iraq buys uranium from Niger, 9/11 hijacker meeting with an Iraqi official in Prague and mobile biochemical weapons laboratories.  All of these points have been found to be 100% untrue.  Therefore, if you are basing a war on those facts, it seems to make sense that if the facts prove to be untrue you should be able to revoke the authorization.  All I can say is that I hope that this works.

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  1. It is ironic that the Brits would say that Iran will face serious consequences unless the Britons who were captured are not released immediately. Are you kidding me? How about Gitmo? What about lickeing Bush’s face all through this Iraq fiasco? With what credibility does this (once great) country tell others what the rules are about captruing and holding foreign nationals? It’s an outrage. It is chilling to see the parallels between the decline of the ancient civilizations and the rapid degradation of values in today’s Wastern society. I have never been proven wrong when I have said that “arrogance will always get you in the end.”

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