Keith Olbermann is back just in time to fry the White House. I’m not sure that we learned anything new but the analysis and interviews with Joe Wilson and John Dean are worth the price of admission. John Dean contemplates how history will remember the Bush White House.

Personally, I believe that I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby has a pardon in his pocket. The Republicans have looked out for their own for years. Look at Tom Delay. If anyone deserves to be thrown under the bus it would be Delay but he continues to be embraced by Republicans. Let’s not forget G. Gordon Liddy.  The only question is when will Bush pardon him. Will it be before November of 2008. If it is before November of 2008 (August – November), Bush will be giving the White House, the House and Senate to the Democrats. If it is after or really soon, then the Republicans have a shot. Remember how Cheney and Bush admire loyalty?