CNN, you should be ashamed

This is simply a game to these guys (CNN). The game goes like this – let’s invite somebody big on the show like Donald Rumsfeld, Vice President Cheney or former president George W. Bush. The guys at CNN have read their books. We know they are completely unapologetic for a war which was started on false pretenses. We know, from reading their books, that not one of them significantly questioned the intelligence. (There were several books which clearly revealed that the White House was pumping up the intelligence [read the book Hubris for an excellent read].) Instead, they pushed the intelligence. It was Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby who went down to CIA headquarters and personally sifted through raw intelligence. They would find raw snippets of intelligence and then ask the CIA why this or that was not in the official report. We knew Curveball was fabricating at the time. The Germans didn’t trust him or believe him. This is fact. For Donald Rumsfeld to weasel around and say anything different is simply nauseating. But this is the game. The announcer, Candy Crowley in this case, it really doesn’t matter who, will ask the question in multiple different ways trying to “get at the truth.” Yet, we would all have to be born yesterday to think that Donald Rumsfeld did not know the questions beforehand. Donald Rumsfeld is as skilled as anybody at this word game. CNN knows this. Yet, they want to get “great ratings.” So, they book Donald Rumsfeld. They (CNN) get increased ratings. Donald Rumsfeld sells more books and we, the American people, get the shaft. We get absolutely no meaningful information from this interview.

The whole thing is a charade. It is a waste of our time. Why isn’t this guy in jail somewhere?


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  1. CNN once upon a time was THE news channel in our house! Now we’ve even forgotten what channel number it is on our TV service. Fox New Light we don’t need.

  2. Why do you people lie so much? Except to develop the “perceptions”they want people to believe! Did Bill Clinton lie about “wmd”? Did the “brits” lie about “wmd”? Did the “russians” lie about “wmd”? Did Hans Blitz lie about “wmd”! Did the democrat party lie about “wmd”? The later were shown the SAME info the president was briefed with from the CIA! What changed iafter the first report was Clinton was not president anymore! And WMD was found but not in the “amount” that was believed they had! Remember how the TALKS went on and on in the UN! (Which I personally disagreed with!) All the while it gave Saddam plenty of time to get the “evidence” out of the country! Many believe wmds were brought to Syria! Hans Blitz said they had several tons 0f Sarin gas’s! (Which is a WMD!) They find a large amount but not as much as Blitz had claimed! BUT WHO CARES ABOUT TRUTH? RIGHT?

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