Bush in Iraq – Nice photo op

Again, the troops are props.  They are there to support Bush’s Return of the Surge.  Bush said shortly after he landed that he came to see the progress in Anbar with his own eyes BUT he never left the base.

I would like to point out that there have been some security gains since the Surge.  I don’t think that anyone would doubt that if we put enough American troops anywhere in the world that they could impose order.  The point of the Surge according to our President was to make a “peaceful” environment where the Iraqi government could make the necessary political progress.   Where is that political progress?

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  1. Nope. Not quite.

    I remember a neocon e-mailing me a while back after Bush did his “Mission Accomplished” stunt then Bush was going to Europe, he labeled the trip a victory lap. Well, I think that we have seen how victorious we have been.

    More PR. Playing to his base.

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