Almost done

Long day today.  Back in St. Louis.  Had a great…well, good steak and shirmp combo tonight.  Now, sleep. 

BTW, Wolfie, Paul Wolfowitz is stepping down from the World Bank.  Why?  He threw his girlfriend overboard.  (BTW, I was surprised that his girlfriend wasn’t a total babe.  Well, she wasn’t even close but that’s another story.  You know many of these guys who are very powerful just get hot women.  I’m just saying.)  Yep. He’s a distraction but Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and a number of other neocons are a distraction but they are staying put.  Stay tuned.  I think that there is more to this story.

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  1. Maybe he will write his own book too. But Bush stood behind him almost to the end. It is going to be interesting to see what he does. Maybe he will wait out his friends term. Here Bush preachs democracy and then refuses to allow the world bank to domocraticly select a new president.

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