Stewart on da’ Factor

It is customary to try to be polite to a guest even if you are asking tough questions. Bill O’Reilly didn’t even try. Then again, I would have been surprised if he had.

There are several interesting moments in this interview. First, O’Reilly suggests that only “dope heads” watch The Daily Show, which is true. I’m doing lines of blow on my computer right now before I go back and listen to another lecture at this trauma conference I’m attending in Boston. Secondly, Stewart mentions something that is really true, that on Fox, O’Reilly is the liberal. He is the closest thing to sanity on Fox. Is Hannity any better or worse? Beck is so much more right wing, more crazy, simply more out there than Bill. Bill O’Reilly has been left behind.


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  1. oops, meant to post comment here rather than on facebook.
    …must be doing way too much blow. or heroin. or both. #speedballs …see ya soon @missionhospitals!
    ANYWAY all I really wanted to say was that Im pretty sure a rock could avoid being “tripped up” by Bill Oh…

  2. What a moron O'Reilly is in this 'interview' (note quotes around the word interview). Although, I am inspired that Stewart even endured this, so as to highlight how ridiculous and petty this creep is… and rude too. Here's hoping that it shook a few more people loose.

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