maya angelou
I have been struggling with what to write about Maya Angelou. She was a force that made everyone take notice. What could I write that is sufficiently thoughtful?

Charles Blow wrote it for me.

The news of Maya Angelou’s death arrived with the abruptness of a great twister — violent, without warning, tearing things up and flipping things over.

I ached the way the soul aches in the world when a great soul is lost from it.

I have a group of writers I call my literary mothers and fathers: Alice Walker and James Baldwin and Toni Morrison and Alex Haley and Gwendolyn Brooks and Langston Hughes. And yes, Maya Angelou.

This is not because I knew them, but rather because, through their words, they have nurtured me, inculcating in me a sense of myself that sustains me. They helped me to see myself and love myself when I felt least seen and least loved.

They saved me. (more…)

Please take the time to read the whole article that Charles Blow wrote. It is a fabulous tribute to a wonderfully human woman. Let me just say that I’m happy that Maya Angelou got the praise which she so richly deserved. Many people who are great never get a chance to shine in the national spotlight. Maya Angelou did. She got the chance and she really did shine.