( Hello. My name is Neil Aquino and I live in Houston, Texas. I go by the name Texas Liberal in the blogging world. Errington has been nice enough to allow me to post on Where’s The Outrage? I look forward to your comments and feedback.)   

I’ve long been politically and personally conflicted between a mix of Andrew Jackson live-and-let-live small-d democracy and J.Q. Adams interventionist quasi-Federalism.

Many folks—maybe even you the reader— share this dilemma even if not put in quite the same terms. 

Politically, while respecting, or at least resigned to at times, the views of the majority, I do think that the people get it wrong sometimes and that government has a role to play in many aspects of life.

Personally, I like being out among the people, At the same time, I can’t believe some of the conduct I witness when I am out among the people.

I thought about this today when in line at a convenience store. The man in front of me bought one of the new $50 Texas lottery scratch-off tickets.

I would not deny the man’s right to buy the ticket. However, I could not figure why he would want to blow $50 on a lottery ticket.

I long ago gave up trying to resolve my Adams/Jackson internal split. All one can do is take each issue and event as it comes.

A great book that includes the Adams/Jackson era of American history is Sean Wilentz’s The Rise Of American Democracy—Jefferson to Lincoln.