There is a ton of stuff going on in the world today.  There’s almost so much confusion and violence it is almost impossible know where to start.  Israel has invaded Lebanon.  The Beirut airport has been bombed.  Operation “together forward” appears to be a complete and total disaster as violence escalates in Iraq.  Iran has told us in essence you can take your deadline and… North Korea continues to develop its missile technology.  The six party talks have been almost as effective as me yelling out my window with a megaphone to North Korea, “Please stop making nuclear weapons.  I’m very serious this time.  I mean it.”

On the domestic front, the news is in much better. Gas prices are up in with the instability in the Middle East one can expect in gas prices to continue to climb for the foreseeable near future. Wilson and Plame are suing the Vice President and other White House officials.  Robert Novak who went underground for months after walking off a CNN set is suddenly back.  He was on 7 different programs on Wednesday.  Seven.  He announced that he was going to reveal his main source.  His lips flapped but the main source was not revealed.  Billions of dollars were cut last week from the federal student loan programs in order to balance the budget which is no where near being balanced.  We found out that our deficit for 2006 is only going to be $296 Billion this year.  That’s the 4th largest deficit in history.  All of the top 5 largest deficits have occurred on President Bush’s watch.  The Bin Laden unit has been dismantled.  So….

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is getting very ugly out there.