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this is the late-night weekend edition

  • In spite of the criticism and outright bashing that comes from bloggers and politicians about the mainstream media, in general, and the New York Times, in specific, there are a few things in the New York Times (and papers like it) do better than anyone else. Scott Shane has a fabulous article on Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind 9/11. The article takes us inside the interrogation. He shows us the good and the bad inside the CIA. This is a must read article!
  • Did you miss this article? 1200 prisoners escaped from a prison in Afghanistan. 350 of them were Taliban fighters. What is this a Hollywood movie?  Oh yeah, we have Afghanistan under control.
  • Oil producing and Oil consuming counties are meeting in Saudi Arabia. With $140 per barrel oil, it seems that the oil-producing countries are somewhat worried about oil prices. I guarantee they do not have our best interests at heart.
  • The banking industry has yet another reason to worry. It appears that Americans are cash-strapped. Therefore late payments are at an all-time high for car loans, small business loans, construction loans — everything.
  • Barack Obama and John McCain see the government’s role in flood protection a little differently. The levee system is a mess and only the government can coordinate and fix them. Regional and not local plans are needed.
  • I’m sorry. I paid too little attention to Zimbabwe. The situation in this African country has been deteriorating for a while. National election results have been ignored. Robert Mugabe is enacting an all too familiar story. The one-time liberator has now become the oppressor. Government assassins are roaming the countryside gunning down opposition leaders.

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  1. I would wonder how McCain will pay the government workers to rebuild the levee’s? Could it be from the gas tax holiday he wants to give? Could it be the 300 million he wants to give to someone to invent a battery? Could it be to cut the benefits from Medicare/medicaid? Could it be from the money we won’t be spending in his 100 year war. It the Iraqi;s will pay for their own security.

    I know he is going to pay for the work from the tax credits and deductions he is going to issue.

    The jobs he could create but the workers still need paid but only if they work for extended lengths of time and on call 24 hrs a day, putting their families on hold and make sure they have bullets go whizzing by.

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