Olbermann – pre-9/11 what did the Bush Adminstration really do

Oh, now he’s done done it.  Keith Olbermann and the folks at Countdown has put together exactly what the Bush administration was given prior to 9/11.  I had some specific examples listed on my website.  But it’s a little bit different when they list the exact documents.  The one thing that I was not aware of was that Osama bin Laden may have been offered to the Bush administration in February of 2001!  This is major.  Ari Fleischer was asked a question in February about an offer from Sudan brokered through Saudi Arabia to give up bin Laden.  Ari Fleischer states that he’ll get back to the reporter and there is no record that he ever brought up the subject again.  Interesting.  (The first several minutes need to be edited off of this but, because of my own time constraints, I thought it’s best that I posted now.)

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

Dr. Thompson is a surgeon, scholar, full-time sports fan and part-time political activist. He is active in a number of community projects and initiatives. Through medicine, he strives to improve the physical health of all he treats.


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