Thoughtful political observers clearly discussed the problems with entering Iraq. George Bush, the greater, did not invade Iraq during the Gulf War because as he stated in his memoir there were HUGE problem with invading Iraq. Republicans laughed at those of us who knew that defeating Iraq was not the major issue – controlling Iraq was the problem. The Bush administration flexed their muscles and did not plan for the aftermath. Now, our troops are paying for their mistakes. Because we invaded with a force that was not large enough to seal the borders of Iraq terrorists flooded into the country. We do not have enough troops to keep the peace this is why we move from Mosul to Tikrit to Najaf putting out fires. If we pull out now Iraq will become the breeding ground for terrorists, we truly need to increase troop strength to get control of the country. We need fight the insurgents as we should have from the start. We must have several Green Zones that are for the Iraqis. These are places where they are safe. They can live, shop and do business in these Green Zones. These Green Zones would have electricity and gasoline like we do in the states. The Zones would slowly expand to incorporate more and more Iraqis. As the Iraqis see the benefits of peace and coorporation more will be willing to join with us and not the insurgents. What are your thoughts?