Conversions of confusions

I just spent 90 minutes on the phone with Dell Computers, excluding the 30 minutes that I spent on Dell Chat. Have I got my computer problem solved? No. Do I feel as if I’ve been wasting my time? Maybe. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.  Man, I’m growing to hate corporate America.

  • President Barack Obama has promised an era of “open government.” He promised us a government that was going to be more transparent. Well, today’s revelation seems to be less transparent. It seems to be more George Bush and less candidate Obama. The White House was set to release torture photos. Somehow, at the last minute, these photos were not released. The White House stated that they did not want to further endanger our troops. Our troops are already in harm’s way. Personally, I would like for all of our troops to come home. But, if the president and his advisers have decided we need to be in Afghanistan then I will reluctantly support our president in this endeavor. I will always support our troops but I don’t see how withholding the truth, no matter how despicable that truth is, is in our best interest. Showing the world that we don’t hide our mistakes… wouldn’t that be a good thing? It seems to me, as a nation, we need to stop living a lie.
  • So we had the torture hearings today. I’m not exactly sure what we learned. Prominent Republicans are trying to find ways to justify the torture that was done. Prominent Democrats are outraged… at least sort of. Possibly the only major breakthrough was that a long time FBI interrogator clearly stated that torture does not work. Sen. Russ Feingold (in my opinion one of the finest senators in the Capital) stated that he would like the intelligence committee and the White House to release not only the documents that VP Cheney has asked for but many other documents. He states he’s read these documents and they clearly show that torture does not work. Again, we know this from various sources. We know that the techniques used by the CIA are intended to elicit false confessions rather than accurate, actionable intelligence.

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  1. I am hoping that the White House decision not to release the photos now is because they feel that maybe the photos can be used as evidence in the future; in case the Justice Department decides to pursue criminal prosecution of those at the top who gave the authorizations to torture detainees.

    If that is not the case, then I say release the photos. The President really needs to step up and explain this decision.

  2. Sean –

    I completely agree but I want progressives to begin to push Obama futher to the left. I want Limbaugh’s head to explode that’s how left I want Obama.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Remember the Danish cartoons?

    I would worry about more than our soldiers.
    Having announced that our behavior was outrageous and then supplying pictures of abused Islamic freedom fighters would not only embarrass our allies in the Mideast but could also lead to riots.

    Moreover, since many have argued that Gitmo and Abu Ghraib have created a thirst for revenge. Would release of the picture help or quench that thirst?
    Feeling good about our truthfulness is of little comfort to the innocent victims that may pay the price.

  4. TCB –

    I thought about that. Interesting thoughts. So I know that you are presenting the other side. Do you really truly support less openness in this case?

    Thanks again?

  5. What’s the other side? we all want to protect the troops and the people who support us around the world. Why would any side (other than maybe the terrorist), be interested in provoking any violence.

    ECT: Do you really truly support less openness in this case?

    Yes. I don’t see any additional value to releasing any pictures at this time. In a time of war, you don’t provide propaganda for the other side. Besides, simply releasing a picture is not providing much in the way of openness. We don’t know if this was only a snapshot or if this person stood there for 2 days in this position.

    Our whole opinion at the correctness of this action would depend on who’s under the underwear.
    If the underwear were removed and we saw the face of Hitler, no one would call it torture or even degrading.

    On the other hand, if the face under the underwear revealed Tony Blair, I think most would call it degrading and some even torture.

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