Bush primetime 9-11 speech

Do you see anything new in this speech?  Why? Why did he call a prime time news conference if he had nothing new to say?

Addendum (9/12):  maybe, just maybe if you have nothing new to say then maybe you are trying to say something old.  Maybe you’re trying to say something they said before.  Maybe President Bush and the rest of his administration are telling us loud and clear that they have failed.  Although some of the people that planned the 9/11 attacks have been arrested or killed, the true masterminds continue to taunt us from the hills of northern Pakistan.  In spite of warnings to send more troops to shut off the escape path out of Tora Bora, for reasons that are unclear, the Bush administration decided not to do that. 

We’ve not rebuild the towers.  In my opinion, it is because of a lack of leadership.  The type of leadership that would cut through the red tape and the partisan bickering.  The type of leadership that America deserves.

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  2. “the world is safer because saddam is not in power…” thats funny, I dont remember HIM attacking the US. This world hasn’t changed. It’s still the same bad world that it’s always been, we’ve just been forced to pay attention.

  3. I totally agree, the world is not really safer because Saddam Hussein is not in power. I think the Iraqi people are probably safer. I say this with the caveat that we will get Iraq and Iraqi policy straight over the next six to 18 months. I am hopeful that we can do this but it will be in spite of the Bush administration. Currently, the Iraqi people are not safer. They’re not safer from random suicide bombings, kidnapping, rape or extortion.

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