Bush: Al Qaeda is on the Run

Somebody pinch me. Did the president just pull out an oldie but a goodie? Al Qaeda is on the run. Isn’t it time for us to catch these guys who are “on the run”?

From October 25, 2006

Q Are we winning?

THE PRESIDENT: Absolutely, we’re winning. Al Qaeda is on the run. As a matter of fact, the mastermind, or the people who they think is the mastermind of the September the 11th attacks is in our custody. We’ve now got a procedure for this person to go on trial, to be held for his account. Most of al Qaeda that planned the attacks on September the 11th have been brought to justice.

Extremists have now played their hand; the world can clearly see their ambitions. You know, when a Palestinian state began to show progress, extremists attacked Israel to stop the advance of a Palestinian state. They can’t stand democracies. Extremists and radicals want to undermine fragile democracy because it’s a defeat for their way of life, their ideology.

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  1. Of course Al-Qaeda is “on the run.” What Bush didn’t mention last night was that both al-Qaeda and the nice young Americans “chasing” them are running on a treadmill. We can “chase” phantom “terrorists” forever and never catch them if necessary. Which it probably will be.

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