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The August 6 Presidential Daily Briefing

I wrote this a couple of years ago about the importance of the August 6th PDB. I still like it. 

Bush working on his crawford mansion

No other document, in my opinion, reveals how clueless the Bush administration truly was prior to 9/11. This document is little over a page long, yet it holds some alarming information. First, read the memo. Now, re-read the memo and imagine that you are the President of the United States in August 2001. You are responsible for the well being of over 275 million people. Secondly, focus on the title – Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US. Now, in August of 2001, this was not common knowledge. In 1993, the World Trade Center was bombed, but it is not clear to me that the Bush White House (well, I’m really talking about Bush, Cheney and Rice) clearly understood the connection between Ramzi Yousef, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Osama bin Laden. US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya are bombed in 1998. Hundreds of Africans were killed. A third Embassy was targeted but the attack was thwarted by the Ugandan police. October 12, 2000, the USS Cole was bombed. 17 sailors were killed. We cannot forget the Millennium Day Bomber who intended to bomb the LA airport. Just because he was caught does not mean that he isn’t part of the picture. As a matter fact, the Millennium Day Bomber is probably the most vivid example of Al Qaeda (he trained with Al Qaeda) trying to come into the United States. It was due to nothing but a lot of luck and some skill that this plot was thwarted. The US Customs agent said that the Millennium Day Bomber was acting hinky.

This should be the most superficial knowledge that the president should have as he was reading the August 6th daily brief.

The seventh paragraph of the PDB should have sent chills up and down the spine of any American who read it.

Al Qaeda members – including some who are US citizens – have resided in or traveled to the US for years, and the group apparently maintains a support structure that could aid attacks. Two Al Qaeda members found guilty in the conspiracy to bomb our embassies in East Africa were US citizens, and a senior EIJ member lived in California in the mid-’90s. (more…)

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Ex-Navy Seal Crosses the Line

So, there’s a book coming out tomorrow that is an ex-Navy Seal’s account of exactly what happened when we took out Osama bin Laden. Personally, I will not read this book. I figure that this book will be very similar to the extremely successful, famous and distorted book, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Remember, they published basically a pack of lies about John Kerry. This author, in my opinion, is clearly writing a partisan textbook that is designed not to illuminate what happened, but instead to attack the president. Let me make a few predictions – Rush Limbaugh will hail this book as some sort of thoughtful breakthrough. Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich will try to paint this guy as some hero (for writing this book) and somehow degrade or, better yet, denigrate President Obama’s decision to go with the mission.

I found the following comment to be extremely illuminating:

This guy is a bum for using his uniform for political purposes. I served in a rapid deployment force under President Clinton. We had a dislike for him because democrats are “soft on military” and the “Don’t ask Don’t tell” but we never divided our ranks in front of the American People. You can’t do that. Its an unwritten code that you respect rank and that includes The Commander In Chief, despite what your personal feelings are. The uniform must be greater than partisan politics. The American public can not see soldiers as 1/2 are democrats, 1/2 republican. It would destroy morale and what makes our troops the best in the world.

The guy writing this book, releasing it on 9/11 and keeping the profits, while betraying his chain of command is a scum bag. He is also a confirmed “birther”, so that tells you about his intelligence. Just another attempt to “swiftboat” an opponent over politics. Its a shame because America needs to come together to solve big challenges.

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Saturday Morning News Roundup (Update)

Upset Central

The ongoing struggle in Wisconsin politics has taken an unexpected turn. As you know, Wisconsin is currently in the midst of trying to recall their governor, Scott Walker. Several Senate legislators are also part of the recall effort. Pam Galloway, Republican, has resigned. The Republican control of the Senate has now been lost.

Osama bin Laden tried to focus on, attack and assassinate General David Petraeus and President Barack Obama. I guess this news is not really surprising. Yet, we found information in his stash of notes that he thought that this was extremely important.

The real reason oil prices are rising. Speculators. Wall Street.

There appears to be new information that Margaret Thatcher actually met with Rupert Murdoch back in 1981 to discuss Murdoch’s purchase of the Times in the Sunday Times. Details here.

There are literally hundreds of questions surrounding Staff Sergeant Robert Bales. His name has just been released. He is the American soldier who allegedly killed 16 Afghanis. This is an enormous tragedy. There is no good outcome. The soldier’s wife and kids have been moved onto a military base for their own protection.

A Rutgers University student used a web cam to spy on his roommate who was having sex with another man. Yesterday, the student was convicted of hate crimes.

This American Life is one of the best news and informational programs in the United States. For more than a decade I have enjoyed listening to Ira Glass discuss and explain various topics. Yesterday, This American Life retracted a report on Apple Computer’s suppliers in China. It appears that the reporter, Mike Daisey, embellished and enhanced some of the aspects of the story.

Upset Central, Baby: (I hate all the commercials on Norfolk State (#15) defeated Missouri (#2). The much beloved and sometimes hated Duke Blue Devils went down to the Lehigh. And that’s why they play the game. 🙂

Update: Who’s a freeloader? Currently, the GOP and the Tea Party have been focused on cutting out the freeloaders. Those are the folks who are sucking America dry. James Kwak does a wonderful job pointing out that Medicare and Social Security are insurance programs. For the most part, lower and middle income Americans who have to use Medicare or Social Security do not pay in enough money to pay for the services that they (we) are using. It is insurance.

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