Really? With Rush and his – Obama – Osama routine. The message has stunk with some folks. if there is an association which is all that the Republicans wanted. Barack Obama. Osama Bin Laden. They just wanted a hint of doubt in the minds of Americans. Once you start thinking that you aren’t sure who the Senator is and who is the terrorist then they have won.

So, did Romney really make a “mistake” yesterday when he said, “Actually, just look at what Osam _ Barack Obama _ said just yesterday. Barack Obama, calling on radicals, jihadists of all different types, to come together in Iraq. That is the battlefield. … It’s almost as if the Democratic contenders for president are living in fantasyland. Their idea for jihad is to retreat, and their idea for the economy is to also retreat. And in my view, both efforts are wrongheaded.”

His campaign said it was just a slip of the tongue. Really? So, is Romney the absent-minded politician or is he the business genius that his campaign is painting? It can’t be both.

Update: Video added