Bhutto condemns bomb attack

Bhutto spoke for the first time since the attempted assassination.  She is a brave women.  My question is how did the bombing happen?  It is clear that there are several groups that seriously would like to kill her.  So, why was security so slack?  A low moving bus?  Crowds of people crammed the streets making it impossible to maneuver the vehicle.  I don’t get it.  That’s a set up, isn’t it?

Outstanding summary of events here.



Benazir Bhutto blamed al-Qaida and Taliban militants Friday for the assassination attempt against her that killed at least 136 people, and declared she would risk her life to restore democracy in Pakistan and prevent an extremist takeover.

The former premier presented a long list of foes who would like to see her dead — from loyalists of a previous military regime that executed her politician father to Islamic hard-liners bent on stopping a female leader from modernizing Pakistan.  (more…)

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