Day: November 12, 2008

What's going on – News RoundUp

Wednesday Evening News Roundup The stock market continues to tank. Over the last three days the Dow Jones industrial average has fallen over 600 points. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced today that the $700 billion bailout will no longer buy up these bad assets but instead would inject money directly into financial institutions, which should quickly restore confidence and ease credit conditions. I hope that no one believes that this announcement will turn things around quickly. We are in a for prolonged volatile time. I have talked about the auto industry’s standing in line with its hand out. Please don’t think

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Obama Likes Pitching

In a recent New York Times article, Chicago White Sox General Manager Kenny Williams says that his Chicago friend Barack Obama always focuses on pitching when he asks how the White Sox are doing.  I found this an agreeable revelation. Pitching and fielding involve a measure of strategy and sophistication in contrast to the vulgarity of the home run. 1-0 or 2-1 are the ideal baseball scores. Home runs are jarring. The idea of one swing producing as many as four runs is to me a violation of the context and proportion that I think forms the basis of legitimacy. A baseball game should be a slowly rising

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Double O Bama

I have thought about posting this for sometime. On one hand, it is funny. On the other hand, though,it could be seen as playing into the stereotype that black people are “cool.”

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