Day: October 22, 2007

BET and the Jena 6

For a nanosecond, I do agree with Tucker.  The Jena 6 are not heroes or celebrities.  On the other hand, anyone who can stand up to the injustice should be honored. As usual,  the press has condensed the whole Jena 6 incident into the beating up of a White teenager.  If you just focus on the one incident then it is hard to see what folks are upset over.  On the other hand, if you look at the whole thing, the incident comes into focus.  I’m not saying that fighting is the answer.  I’m not saying that beating up a White

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Couric does a terrible job interviewing Valerie Plame

Katie Couric tried to portray the Wilsons are wreckless and bitter. What new information did Couric give us? Nothing. This was nothing more than at most a poor summary of what we already know. At least, it was a waste of time for the Wilson’s and the viewers. Where’s Mike Wallace, retired, Steve Kroft where is he? What about Bob Simon who was stationed overseas who had been captured during the first Gulf War? Instead we get Ms. Superficial asking questions like What happened when your name was leaked? Was the leak serious? The only stupid superficial question was wasn’t asked

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Sam Houston & Self-Creation

Here is a description of Sam Houston from William Freehling’s The Road To Disunion: Secessionists At Bay 1776-1854—- Sam Houston had studied survival tactics with experts. In his youth, after a mysteriously awful brief marriage on the western frontier, a shattered Houston had …disappeared from whiteman’s society. He reappeared three years later, his old self-confidence restored, his new understanding of how to get along set for life. He had saved himself by savouring the forbidden. This white leader had lived with an Indian princess……His appearance signaled the way he operated and the persona he cherished. President Sam Houston marched around Houston

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