Day: October 18, 2007

Mukasey finally gets some intelligent questions

President Bush’s nominee for Attorney General Michael Mukasey is getting some thoughtful questions. I’m not sure that we are going to like his answers. Senator Leahy and Senator Whitehouse have asked questions about torture and Executive Power. Mukasey’s answers have been less than heart warming. I’m thinking that if you can’t agree that waterboarding is torture then, you shouldn’t be confirmed. He is just stonewalling. We can’t have that. Reject him! Update: Before I finish with this topic, I have to get a huge high five to Glenn Greenwald. He has been blogging on FISA and the president wanting to give

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Brownback to throw in the towel

Senator Brownback will be the latest presidential candidate to throw in the towel.  Sam Brownback simply wasn’t able to raise enough money.  He raised about $3.4 million and spent over $4.1 million. —— From TPM: The lower tier of Republican candidates is reportedly about to shrink a little bit — Sam Brownback is expected to drop out of the race tomorrow. Brownback’s campaign had never really caught fire, with him raising only $4 million and coming in third at the Iowa Straw Poll behind Mike Huckabee, a rival for the social conservative vote. So where will Brownback’s support, such as it

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Last of the Rat Pack dies (updated)

Thanks for stopping by. This is one of my most popular posts over the last 2 years. Joey Bishop has died. Many looked at the Rat Pack as a bunch of guys who drank too much, smoked too much and chased skirts. I see it different. Think about it. You are successful. Your pals are successful. You get together in Las Vegas to hang out. I can’t think of anything that could be a better picture of success than the Rat Pack. Originally, they were guys that hung around Humphrey Bogart. Look at the line up – Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra,

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