Day: October 11, 2007

Cincinnati Radiation Experiments

The New York Times today reported the death of Dr. Eugene Saenger of Cincinnati. He was 90. Dr. Saenger was a radiologist and expert on nuclear medicine who did Cold War era radiation experiments on poor folks and black folks in Cincinnati between 1960 and 1971. While a University of Cincinnati English Professor named Martha Stephens made an effort to publicize this issue in the early 1970’s, the experiments gained the most attention in Cincinnati in the 1990’s. This was when other government Cold War experiments elsewhere in the country came under a renewed scrutiny. In 2002, Professor Stephens published a

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Worst persons – Rush and Billo

3rd place goes to Robert Novak for saying that Ambassador Joe Wilson did not forcefully object to Novak telling him that he was going to run his now famous story.  Of course, Mr. Novak is trying to revise history so it doesn’t look like he outed a CIA operative. 2nd place goes to Rush for smearing a 12 year old and his family. 1st place goes to Bill O’Reilly.  Remember when Bill was saying that that abducted kid wanted to be with the Child molester?  Do you remember?  Well Michael Devlin testified in court that he was going to kill the

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Open season on 12 year boy

Smearing, and the other word for smear in this case is lying, is a way of life in Washington. It on side says Z the other side says Y. So, on the SCHIP bill vetoed by President Bush, the Democrats had a 12 year old boy who was in a car crash give the weekly radio address. Ever since that address, the Right’s media machine has been cranking out the nonsense. I haven’t gone to the boys house nor have I checked the parent’s bank statements. I will assume that the Dems did their homework before choosing this boy. If they

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

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