Day: October 1, 2007

Blackwater under the microscope

Blackwater will be testifying before Congress tomorrow. It appears that there was a 2005 shooting that they tried to cover up. Oh and the State Department just released a report which “proves” that Blackwater was not at fault in this latest shooting. Update: Video added. ——— From WaPo: Blackwater USA is an out-of-control outfit indifferent to Iraqi civilian casualties, according to a critical report released Monday by a key congressional committee. Among the most serious charges against the prominent security firm is that Blackwater contractors sought to cover up a June 2005 shooting of an Iraqi man and the company paid,

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Some quick items

Brett Favre has now thrown more touchdown passes then any other player in NFL history. Sweet. UN tries to quell the violence in Burma (Myanmar). In Darfur region of the Sudan, rebels have killed 10 UN peacekeepers.   The US remains on the sidelines as one of the greatest humanitarian disasters in history plays out. The Supreme Court is going to take on some very controversial issues. Is lethal injection cruel? Differences in criminal sentencing for crack cocaine and powder cocaine? What court has a say in terrorists held by the US overseas? I’m feeling that I’m going to need to

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

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