Day: May 18, 2007

Where The West Begins

Errington has made mention this week of being in St. Louis. St. Louis is known as “The Gateway to the West.” The big St. Louis Gateway Arch serves to make that point. Being from Cincinnati, it is hard to see how St. Louis could be gateway to the west. Everyone in Cincinnati knows that Cincinnati is the “Queen City of the West.” Cincinnati is east of St. Louis so the “west” can’t be starting in St. Louis. As a kid I made yearly visits to Utica, New York. The Erie Canal was near Utica and I was told that Utica and

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HB – Did Gonzo Strong Arm Ashcroft

I don’t know.  This story sounds fishy.  John Ashcroft standing up to the Bush Administration?  It sounds like a fantasy.  Ashcroft was Mr. Recycled Terror Alert.  I would be very careful when you look at this story.  This just sounds wrong. 

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Countdown – Will Alberto stepdown

It is funny.   We have been talking about Alberto Gonzales stepping down for over 6 weeks.  Again, I would point out that our President has dug in his heels.  Unless, Alberto Gonzales is found standing on Bush’s desk in the Oral Office and eating crackers, I don’t think that Bush will ask Gonzales to leave.  More information has come out over the last 24 hours.  Monica Goodling, who was clear promoted for ideology and not talent, was hard at work considering firing 26 US Attorneys.  Now, we have heard that they were considering firing all of the US Attorneys but according

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Errington C. Thompson, MD

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