Day: April 2, 2007

Campaign Moolah

The early numbers are out. John Edwards has raised $14 million. I think that this proves that he is a serious candidate. He should be around for the long haul. Hillary has racked in over $26 million. Obama has not put out his figures yet. I will be a huge surprise if he has raised more than Hillary. The number for the rest of the pack will also be interesting. If you haven’t raised over $7 million I’m not sure how you can stay in the race. Yes, it is early but with all of the states moving up their primaries,

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Crier Wire – If George were King

I don’t watch Court TV.  I just don’t have the time.  Heck, I don’t watch American Idol, Lost or 24.  I have never seen Catherine Crier’s show but I did see this video on the ‘net.  I guess that Ms. Crier closes her show with the Crier Wire.  After the Corespondents dinner, I guess the President compelled her to test a theory.  Nice clip.

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The Errington Thompson Show 3/31/07

The US Attorney firing, scandal or whatever you want to call it, just isn’t going away.  Therefore, we chat about.  My guest this week is the wonderful Robin Cape, City Councilwoman here in Asheville.  We discuss Smart Growth. This is the rough cut of the show.  I’ll smooth it out in the next couple of days. 😉

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