Day: March 4, 2007

Channel that outrage…

…against Ann Coulter towards the companies that advertise on her website. One of the more industrious members over at DailyKos has gone through and compiled a list of the companies currently advertising at Coulter’s webpage. This diary here has a list of email contacts for all of the companies they’ve found to date. It doesn’t take but a minute or so to fire off a “disgruntled customer/potential customer” letter and this has the potential to really hit her where it hurts…. in the pocketbook. Now go get busy.

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Bob Woodruff – Traumatic Brain Injury Special, part 3

Now, we see the soldiers.  All of these soldiers have TBI, traumatic brain injuries.  This story ties in with the Walter Reed story (which I have several posts – here, here and here) What no one has adequately explained to the American public is how the VA works.  The VA is set up to take care of veterans before we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.  So, the majority of VA’s are set up to care for older patients with chronic illness – lung disease, prostate cancer, lung cancer and heart disease to name a few.  The VA is NOT set up to

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Bob Woodruff – Traumatic Brain Injury Special, part 2

This is the recovery.  I don’t think that it begins to tell the story of how hard a journey this is.  I have dealt with head injury patients.  They get very frustrated because they can’t do things that use to be able to do without thinking.  They have to relearn everything.  Look at how he spells hammer.  It is a very easy word but he has to relearn it.  The physical therapists and occupational therapists and speech therapists are the unsung heroes in this tale along with his family.

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