Day: January 11, 2007

Methodism, Torture and the Presidential Library

posted by Andrew Weaver as a comment.  I thought that this was strong enough to be a post of its own. ——————— Methodism began as an 18th century spiritual renewal movement in the Church of England. At the time of the American Revolution only a few hundred Americans identified with Methodism. By the Civil War, Methodism was by far the largest church in the United States with one in three church members calling it their faith community. No other institution has done more good in shaping the ethos of American religion and culture than the Methodist Church. Southern Methodist University is

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TDS – Bush Lincoln comparison

John Oliver seems to be the best addition to the Daily Show.  Stephen Colbert has left.  Samantha Bee is a rare sighting. Steven Carell is in movies now. So, John has been on his own.  Some of the new guys haven’t been that funny.  Oliver is.  So, John Oliver is comparing our current president with … Abe Lincoln. 

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TCR – Worry

I just wonder how it is going to go later on in the week when Colbert and O’Reilly are guests on each others shows. 

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