Day: October 18, 2006

Countdown: The Beginning of the End

He knew it was coming, a special commentary on President Bush’s and the Republicans detainee act.  Keith Olbermann, on Countdown, does a much better job than he did with his last commentary.  His last commentary was simply angry.  This one presents excellent information and puts the detainee act in perspective.  When compared to Adam’s Alien and Sedition Act or Franklin D Roosevelt’s internment of Japanese-Americans, we can see that America has gone astray before.  We can also see that America is going astray again.  We are heading down a road in which the president can say anything and do anything and we’re

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Ken Lay's Conviction gets dropped?

     What the H#$$? From NYT: A federal judge on Tuesday threw out the fraud and conspiracy conviction of Kenneth L. Lay, the former Enron executive, who died of heart failure in July while on vacation in Colorado. Judge Simeon T. Lake III ruled that the conviction must be voided because Mr. Lay cannot pursue an appeal his guilty verdict. The decision, which had been expected, prevents the government from trying to seize more than $43.5 million from Mr. Lay’s estate that prosecutors claimed he stole from Enron before it collapsed in 2001. Mr. Lay, who was 64, died about

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60 Minutes – Kuo

Keith Olbermann has been talking about David Kuo and his new book for several days.  I was wondering why he didn’t have an interview with Kuo, this is why.  David Kuo probably had a deal with CBS that he would give them the first interview.  The problem with David Kuo, for the right, is that he doesn’t come off as a flake or nutcase.  He is clearly a religious man who deeply believes in his religion.

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