Day: October 1, 2006

Now, the explanations start. Woodard is wrong. Bush is great.

Dan Bartlett is on Face the Nation.  He’s using the 9/11 commission as his fig leaf.  Dan Bartlett to lawyers so he squirms out of a lot of these questions but the facts remain.  Now, he does tell a couple of bold-faced lies.  He states that, “at every step of the way the president has given the commanders (in Iraq) what they wanted.”  Bob Schieffer does an admirable job.

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Another R caught up in scandal – Foley

    The anatomy of a scandal.  It’s usually unclear, as in this case, exactly how the scandal starts.  Then there are allegations that Congressman Mark Foley had sent inappropriate e-mails to some of his pages (male pages).  Well, he has just resigned. [display_podcast] Addendum: This story just keeps growing.  Yesterday as Foley was resigning, there was a hint of a story that the Republican leadership in the House knew about Foley sending inappropriate e-mails to this male page for week if not months.  It was unclear from what I had read that anything was done about the situation.  From today’s

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