Day: August 27, 2006

Violence continues in Iraq

The Associated Press is reporting — A wave of bomb attacks and shootings swept Iraq Sunday, killing dozens of people despite a massive security operation in the capital and appeals from Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for an end to sectarian fighting. Al-Maliki insisted that his government was making progress in combatting attacks by insurgents and sectarian clashes between Shiites and Sunnis. “We’re not in a civil war. Iraq will never be in a civil war,” he said through an interpreter on CNN’s Late Edition. “The violence is in decrease and our security ability is increasing.” more ———- I’m currently in the

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Tiger makes it interesting

Good news. Tiger Woods is human. He hit a wayward shot onto the roof of the Firestone clubhouse in Akron during the Bridgestone Invitational. He bogeyed four holes in a row for the first time since he was a tour rookie 10 years ago. He lost a three-shot lead with three holes to play. He yelled “Fore!” on several occasions. In a playoff with Stewart Cink, Woods missed two of the first three greens in regulation and bogeyed one of the holes. All in all, Woods looked mortal once again after a stretch where he won three tournaments in a row, including

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You never know

I just got 2 links from folks that found me somehow.  One is Rhapsody in Red (e-mail me for the link) and the other is Welcome to our Crazy Life.   These are 2 very different sites.  One is the tale of young mother with her four kids.  Her husband has been deployed overseas in the military.  The other website is somewhat… racier.  Much racier. It is nice to know that my blog appeals to a variety of people.  🙂  I appreciate the compliment.

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