Day: June 29, 2006

Olbermann gives O'Reilly da' beatdown

O’Reilly was flappin’ his lips again.  He was talking about Air America Radio going under and MSNBC failing.  Well, it seems that the ratings are on Keith’s side.  Bill is losing market share.  Keith was only to happy to point out that his show is killing the Factor in the ratings.  The Factor has lost over a quarter of a million viewers over the last year.  Wow.  Looks like the ship is sinking.  Look for more crazy stuff from O’Reilly as he tries to right a sinking vessel.

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Rep. Susan Fisher’s Report from Raleigh

My colleagues and I were busy on numerous fronts this week. Members of the House and Senate started negotiations on the budget on Tuesday and their work will continue through next week as we try to reach an agreement on the spending plan for the next fiscal year, which begins July 1. We passed legislation on important “non-budget” issues such as cracking down on sex offenders, campaign finance reform and protecting veterans and our military from identity theft. We also had a little “sports” fun on Wednesday and Thursday when we were lucky enough to have the Carolina Hurricanes and Olympic

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Feingold on MTP

The more that I see and read about Russ Feingold the more that I like him.  He is thoughtful and practical.  He is not afraid of the GOP.  He knows when he is right and when to force the issue.  Tim is throwing 95 mph fastballs at him and Senator Feingold is knocking them out of the park.  Iraq and the phased pull out, Cheney’s comments about Democrats suggesting a pull out even a question about Lieberman – Feingold was perfect. Thanks to CL and Think Progress for the clip (I can’t remember which one I got this one from).

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