Day: February 26, 2006

Ricin or Not?

Authorities: Powder in dorm likely not ricin Students in Texas show no signs of poisoning, officials say (CNN) — Authorities doubt that the whitish-brown powder found in a roll of quarters at the University of Texas at Austin is ricin because no one has shown symptoms of exposure to the powerful poison, an EMS spokesman said late Saturday afternoon. “Pretty sure this is not ricin, but we’re going to let the labs [confirm] that,” said Mike Elliott, district commander for Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services. “No one has shown any signs or symptoms at all. With ricin, we should have seen

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A Growing Afghan Prison Rivals Bleak Guantánamo

February 26, 2006 A Growing Afghan Prison Rivals Bleak Guantánamo By TIM GOLDEN and ERIC SCHMITT While an international debate rages over the future of the American detention center at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, the military has quietly expanded another, less-visible prison in Afghanistan, where it now holds some 500 terror suspects in more primitive conditions, indefinitely and without charges. Pentagon officials have often described the detention site at Bagram, a cavernous former machine shop on an American air base 40 miles north of Kabul, as a screening center. They said most of the detainees were Afghans who might eventually be released

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More on Dubai

February 26, 2006 Dubai Expected to Ask for Review of Port Deal By DAVID E. SANGER WASHINGTON, Feb. 25 — After two days of behind-the-scenes negotiations with the Bush administration and Congress, the Dubai company seeking to manage terminals at six American ports is expected to announce by Monday a deal inviting the government to conduct a broad new review of security concerns, senior administration officials and a company adviser say. If an agreement is completed, the state-owned company, Dubai Ports World, will “voluntarily” ask the Bush administration to pursue the lengthier, deeper investigation that Democrats and Republicans in Congress have

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