More on the shooting

As a trauma surgeon, I felt that I really don’t need to post anything on this shooting. I wanted my blog to be about politics. Well, politics is about people and nothing was more important yesterday than the shooting of dozens and the killing of 33 in Virginia. Gun control isn’t the answer although I’m all for removing assault rifles and Saturday night specials from the streets. The answer is to reduce the stress in the lives of the middle class. The answer is better security on campus. The answer is finally better detection of people who are not handling stress.

4 thoughts on “More on the shooting

  1. I still don’t know what I feel about the incident at Virginia Tech yesterday. At first I was angry, then I was sad and next thing I wanted to know was, “WHY”!

    I have questions that are unanswered like a lot of other people. Could more lives have been saved if students and faculty were notified in time? Why didn’t an alert go out when the first shooting occurred? What was going on in the mind of this young man to make him want to do this?

    Yes, questions but no answers.

    My prayers goes out to the families, students and faculty at Virginia Tech.

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