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Interview – War Dogs Making it Home

Sometimes you don’t really appreciate what kind of wonderful friends you have. I have known Dr. Robert Smith and Dr. Roxanne (Rocky) Roberts for over a decade. I met them at one of the trauma meetings we attended back in the ’90s, if I’m not mistaken. Great folks. I had no idea that they were interested in helping veterans. Hell, we are all interested in helping veterans. The difference is that they have done something. This is a great low-cost solution that seems to be working. I’m for any solution that works and is basically drug free. The program is small, but they have already seen great results. The vets have praised this program. Check out this great program. (If you would like to know more, you can get more information here. Executive Summary of the program.)

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Vote Vets new ad

General David Petraeus took capital hill by storm…well, he took the House.   He had considerable trouble with the Senate.  The most memorable moment was when he was asked if he believes if we are safer because of our efforts in Iraq.  A brief moment of candor.  He didn’t know.

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