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Tax cuts and tax revenue

I think that it is pretty amazing that conservatives are still pushing the craziness that is the idea that tax cuts create more tax revenue. It is amazing that many Americans have jumped on this train. It is exactly like my telling you that you can eat all of the ice cream that you want and not gain any weight. It is that crazy.

Let’s look at this slowly. If I cut taxes, that will reflectively increase tax revenue? So in theory if you keep cutting taxes to zero that would maximize tax revenue? Really? That doesn’t make any sense.

Let’s look at the Bureau for Economic Analysis’ data. Conservatives hold up Reagan as the great tax cutter. So let’s look at tax revenues from his great tax cut.

Wow. It looks as if revenues decreased after Reagan’s great tax cut and never returned to their previous level. I’m just saying… this idea that you can cut taxes and increase revenue may happen at some time in the future, somewhere in the universe. It just hasn’t happened in the US during the last 40 years.

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Response to Ben Stein

I thought that this was interesting. Ben Stein spoke out against a tax increase several weeks ago and Linda McGibney has a thoughtful and articulate reply:


A number of you have contacted us in response to what Ben Stein had to say about the prospect of higher taxes last week … including Linda McGibney, a Supervising Producer and Writer for the show “Stargate Universe” on the SyFy Channel. She had some things of her own to say:

BEN STEIN: “Maybe when the economy recovers, raising my taxes makes sense, but for now, it’s just punishment, and I can’t figure out what for.”

All I have to say is, Ben Stein is wrong.

I am an American. I am in the highest tax bracket. I also work in entertainment – which is what Mr. Stein does as well.

I am fine with the tax increase. I think it patriotic that I am taxed in this way. I want to help my country.

I believe the fact that I can have a job this year, and hopefully every year to come, is a privilege. (more…)

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School Violence

I have resigned myself to the fact that I will not understand everything. They’re just some things that are beyond my meager comprehension. For instance, I’m not sure that I understand why the universe is saddle shaped. Similarly, why aren’t our schools safer? We’ve had a number of school shootings throughout the country recently. The latest act of violence that caused me to scratch my head happened at a Baltimore high school. A teacher was beat up and physically assaulted by her own students. How do we know this? Some knucklehead student– instead of helping– decided to use their cell phone to videotape the ordeal.

I suspect that Reginald F. Lewis High School is no different than many other high schools in Baltimore or the U.S. for that matter. These are institutions that border on lawlessness. Certain bathrooms are off-limits because girls will be molested and guys will be beat up. Discipline is opposed. This is not an atmosphere in which you can learn.

We need to be able to create institutions of learning. In my book, “A Letter to America: Is President Bush Leading Us in the Right Direction?” I write that we know how to teach students. There is no mystery. Three groups of people must get together and decide that education is their primary focus — teachers, parents and students. These institutions must be safe for the teachers and the students. There is no excuse for us to provide an environment that is anything less than safe.

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