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Tuesday Evening News Roundup

Tuesday Evening News Roundup

With President Obama set to nominate former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel to lead the Pentagon, there’s been a surprising amount of opposition coming from Republican ranks. On Sunday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell signaled that it would be rough sailing for Chuck Hagel in the Senate. Hagel’s former friend, John McCain, looks like he is going to lead the opposition. Remember that Chuck Hagel and John McCain really separated ways over the Iraq war. This is going to be a good knock-down drag-out fight. I’m just not sure what the Republicans hope to gain by opposing Hagel.

So, former Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head by a crazed gunman last year, decided to visit some of the families who suffered losses in the Newtown shooting. For some reason, Rep. DebraLee Hovey decided to post the following welcoming statement, “Gabby Giffords, stay out of my towns!!!” She went on to say that Gifford’s visit must be politically motivated. Within less than 24 hours, she retracted her venomous statements. Craziness. Continue reading Tuesday Evening News Roundup

Where’s the Outrage? Podcast 6-03-06

What a great show!!!! The Senate debates gay marriage.  Murtha continues to get smacked by the Right.  We discuss it all in our opening segment called Let’s Rewind.  We talk to a real American Hero, Dr. Michael Saag, director of the Center for AIDS Research at the University of Alabama – Birmingham.  Dr. Saag tells his story.  In the 80’s there was no therapy.  Nothing.  Today, there is treatment which prolongs life in the majority of patients.  He also discusses his very rewarding experience in Africa.

U.S. to move 4,500 detainees from Abu Ghraib

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — The U.S. military will transfer detainees from Abu Ghraib to a new facility within three months, a U.S. military spokesman said Thursday.

About 4,500 detainees will be moved to Camp Cropper, a detention facility at Baghdad International Airport that is being expanded to handle the influx, said Lt. Col. Keir-Kevin Curry, in charge of detainee operations.

Camp Cropper has been holding “high-value detainees” and Saddam Hussein himself has been held there.

The new prison could be completed as early as two to three months from now, Curry said.

Abu Ghraib will be handed over to the Iraqi government, he said.

Abu Ghraib, notorious in Iraq for the treatment of prisoners there under Saddam Hussein, became notorious worldwide for the treatment of detainees there under U.S. forces after the U.S.-led invasion.

More than 25 people have been held accountable for criminal acts and other misconduct associated with prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib, according to the U.S. Defense Department’s Web site.

This is no surprise. Wait until no one’s looking and cover up the mess.