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Zero Dark Thirty


Simply put, Zero Dark Thirty is an enjoyable thriller. I thought the writing was tight. I thought the direction was good, if not inspired. This movie hinges on the performance of Jessica Chastain. I have been out of the moviegoing business for a while. I don’t remember seeing her in anything else. (I think that says something about me and not about the number of movies she’s been in.) Anyway, Jessica Chastain is brilliant.

There’s a lot of scuttlebutt out in the community that this movie is nothing more than an expensive piece of propaganda for the White House and Barack Obama. Just like most things that are NOT true in our society, I have no idea where this came from. It simply isn’t true. I have seen the movie once. While watching the movie, I did listen for the president’s name to be mentioned and I didn’t hear it. This movie does not glorify the White House or Obama.  Neither is mentioned. This story is about the CIA finding Bin Laden.  Continue reading Zero Dark Thirty

What's Going On – Sunday News Roundup (Update)

I’ve turned off the Los Angeles Lakers – Orlando Magic basketball game. I just can’t watch anymore. For a quarter and a half, there was really good basketball. Congratulations to Los Angeles Lakers (watching this final just makes me want to remind everyone that there was basketball in the NBA. Remember when the Lakers played the Celtics? Larry Bird. Magic Johnson. James Worthy. Kevin McHale. Now that was basketball.)

I think it is becoming more and more obvious that the Iranian election has been less than fair.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (Independent -VT) was on the Situation Room on Friday. He’s talking about healthcare. He may be the only senator that I’ve heard talk openly and honestly about health care. He is a great advocate for the single-payer possibility. While conservatives are yelling about the government limiting healthcare, I would encourage them to read their own insurance policy. Very few of us have read all the fine print that comes in our insurance coverage. So, even those of us who have health insurance may not have the coverage we thought. Almost everyday I see someone who has insurance that doesn’t have any coverage for rehabilitation. What limitations is your policy put on home health care? Can you have a visiting nurse?

DemFromCT has a nice post on healthcare. He reiterated some the points that I made about the American Medical Association. The bottom line is that everyone in the healthcare game may have to give a little in order for us to get universal health care coverage. This means that insurance companies may have to provide more with less. Taxes may have to go up. Physician reimbursement may go down. The American Medical Association needs to work with Congress to make this happen.

It looks like John Yoo, former Bush administration official in the Office of Legal Counsel, is going to be forced to testify in a suit brought by José Padilla. As you recall, John Yoo was responsible for the first torture memos that opened up Pandora’s Box. This is going to be an extremely interesting and extremely important trial. Will John Yoo try and pull a Rove and simply not show up?