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the-beatles-circa-1966-650-430So, I was listening to the Beatles. There are so many GREAT songs. What if you could have only 5 Beatles songs with you? Which 5 Beatles songs would you have?

My Beatles list keeps changing. There are just too many great tunes –

  • Love me do
  • Help!
  • Yesterday
  • Come Together
  • With a Little Help from My Friends
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The Beatles invade US 50 years ago

Whether you like the Beatles or hate the Beatles, you are simply crazy if you can’t acknowledge their influence on American pop music. It is impossible to understate how huge these guy were in 1964.

From C&L:

On a stormy Tuesday in February of 1964, Karen Muldoon put on her boots and trundled out in the snow to greet the Beatles. A high school junior at the time, she had the day off, thanks to the weather.

With a little help from her parents and Mother Nature’s blessing, the Yardley, Pa. resident got a handshake and an autograph as the Fab Four traveled through New Jersey.

Muldoon’s mother took her to the rail station in Trenton and they boarded an 11:59 a.m. express train to Washington, D.C. called the Congressman. The teen’s heart fluttered while she made her way through the coaches, strolling towards a sleeper car that had been rented out to transport a group of mop topped musicians from New York to Washington.

Fifty years ago, the Beatles transfixed television audiences with their exuberant pop tunes on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” More than 70 million viewers tuned in to see the band’s American TV debut on Feb. 9, 1964.

Two days later, the lads from Liverpool embarked on a magical mystery tour of the Garden State. (more…)

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