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Hurricane Harvey 2

This storm remains a serious threat to South Texas. It looks like wind and rain are going to be around for a while. Be safe.

Weather Channel:

Hurricane and tropical storm-force winds are still occurring. A sustained wind of 57 mph and a gust of 83 mph reported Saturday morning near Victoria.

A Texas Coastal Ocean Observing Network station at Aransas Pass reported sustained winds of 102 mph and a wind gust of 132 mph Friday night.

Rainfall amounts of more than 10 inches have already accumulated in southeast Texas, including 14.46 inches near Austwell. (more…)

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Hurricane Harvey

Be Careful!! This is looking very dangerous. (Hoping that our President gets his team organized and in place to handle this disaster.) Update to the minute coverage at The Weather Channel.

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Madonna – Vogue

Kind of crazy day. So, the Governor of Texas has decided to alert the National Guard to look for evidence that Obama is going to attempt a military takeover of Texas. Really?

Six police officers have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray. There is no joy here for me. I find the whole thing sad. Yes, I would like to see justice. I would like to see police officers doing their job – serving and protecting the public.

Artist: Madonna
Tune: Vogue

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