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A Couple of Things – Spain, Charlottesville, Justin Thomas

I know that I haven’t posted in awhile.

I had the opportunity to visit the Normandy Memorial. Over 9,300 Americans are buried here.  It spoke of sacrifice, honor and courage.

The attack on Barcelona, Spain is so cowardly it makes you want to cry out with anger. To take a car and plow it into a crowd deserves a special level of Dante’s Place.

Justin Thomas played wonderfully to win the PGA Championship. Sometimes we stress winning way too much. Justin has been playing really good golf for more than 18 months. It was only earlier this year that he started winning and winning often.  He was brilliant on the back 9 on Sunday.  Congratulations Justin! (Let me say a few words about Quail Hallow. It sucked. I’m not a fan of ridiculously fast greens.  I’m sorry I don’t that if you breath on a golf ball and it wobbles for 20 feet down a slope that it slow slippery that ants put out a don’t cross sign, that’s crazy. I know purists say, ” all you have to do is stay below the hole.” I blow those idealists a raspberry. I want to see the best in the world roll the rock from anywhere on the green. I think they took at really good golf course and made it worse. )

Saudi Man Plans Attacks on Multiple Targets

A 20-year-old Saudi man was arrested on Thursday. He was plotting to blow up multiple targets in the United States. This guy seems to have, “I’m an obvious terrorist” written all over his dossier. He is young. He comes from the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia. He doesn’t make friends and United States. He writes a blog with extremist statements. This guy seems to be a no-brainer. My question is how to we detect those that aren’t so obvious? How do we detect those terrorist that do fit into society? How do we detect those terrorist that don’t come from Saudi Arabia but instead come from somewhere like London or Paris or Germany? How do we detect terrorist that don’t send up these multiple red flags?

From TPM:

A 20-year-old Saudi man living in Texas was arrested Wednesday and charged with the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction in connection with his alleged purchase of chemicals and equipment used to make an improvised explosive device (IED).

Federal authorities say that Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari wrote an e-mail to himself listing the Dallas address of former President George W. Bush as the “Tyrant’s House” and considered used infant dolls to conceal explosives and targeting of a nightclub with an explosive device concealed in a backpack.

We’ve posted the criminal complaint here.

Late Update: We’ve got more on this story here.