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News Roundup – Cuba, Katie, New Jersey Water

President Obama is in Cuba. Yep, Cuba. I think that this is a good thing. Not talking with Cuba really has done nothing to destabilize its government in over 50 years. Let’s try to bring them into the 21st century.

Kate Couric bought a $12 million condo in New York. Look, I’m happy for her, but $12 million for 4000 sq ft? Couldn’t she have spent a million dollars and gotten something really nice in Virginia? Maybe fly back and forth? I’m just askin’.

What has happened in Flint, Michigan is a tragedy. This type of travesty should never happen in the United States. Ever. It looks as if other folks have water issues, like New Jersey. 80 carcinogens were found in New Jersey’s water supply. That’s not good.

A terror suspect has been found. Salah Abdeslam was captured in Belgium. He was wanted in the Paris attacks.

Clinton folks are going to paint Trump as unfit for the presidency. I think that this strategy is too weak. Trump needs to be painted as dangerous, undisciplined and crazy.

Another violent outburst at a Trump rally.

NCAA – Sweet 16!!!

Congratulations to Jason Day for winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Days sinks a putt on the 72nd hole for the win. It was a gutsy performance.

Sweet 16 – Men's Basketball

So, the other day, I was in the doctor’s lounge and the TV was turned to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Villanova was playing UCLA. UCLA has a storied program. They have a history and tradition of winning basketball. The program has been revitalized over the last couple of years. They were playing deep into the Sweet 16 or beyond.

I’m not sure how UCLA got to March Madness, as I have not been following men’s basketball this year, but I sat down to watch this game. UCLA was down by 13 at halftime. It was the start of the second half. Almost immediately, it was clear who was going to win this game. One team played like a group of people who understood the offense. They passed, they moved, the ball went to the open man; the open man shot the ball or drove to the basket then dished to one of his teammates who was crashing the boards. This was beautiful to watch. The other team would grab a rebound and hit the outlet man. The outlet man would sprint to the three-point line and jack a three-point attempt. None of his team were under the basket for rebound, but it didn’t seem to matter. The other offensive play was instead of jacking a three-point shot, they would drive the lane and shoot some off-balance sideways fadeaway, again with no one from their team under the boards. This was very ugly to watch.

I’m not sure if UCLA had any offensive plays. The way they were playing, it sure didn’t look like it. When they called a timeout, I’m not sure what the coach could have said. It was one of the worst displays of college basketball I’ve seen in a long, long time. (UCLA lost, but only by 20. I was surprised it wasn’t by more.) I began to get nauseated looking at such a terrible display of basketball and halfway through the period I had to leave. It was sad… very sad.

The following video is a summary of the teams left in the tournament. The Sweet 16.