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Spahn & Sain & And Common Wisdom Will Rot Your Brain

Baseball fans may be aware of the saying “Spahn and Sain and pray for rain.”

(Above–Spahn on the left and Sain on the right.)

These words are about the 1948 Boston Braves. Warren Spahn and Johnny Sain were two starting pitchers on the ’48 Braves team that won the American League pennant and then lost the World Series to the Cleveland Indians.

The Boston Braves, after a stop in Milwaukee for a few years, are the current Atlanta Braves.

The words are, as I have learned in researching  this post, from a poem written by a Boston sportswriter named Gerald Hern.

Here is the poem—

First we’ll use Spahn
then we’ll use Sain
Then an off day
followed by rain
Back will come Spahn
followed by Sain
And followed
we hope
by two days of rain

The poem conveys the idea that the only decent starting pitchers for the Braves where Spahn and Sain. It suggests the only way the Braves could win was to have Spahn pitch one day, Sain another day, and then hope for rainouts that would get Spahn and Sain back on the mound without having to use other pitchers. (more…)

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The Errington Thompson Show 8/11/07

Why would somebody sue the Red Cross? That can’t be good for PR. Man, it is hot. Wal-Mart is taking money from our schools. I explain. I also chat with Constitutional Scholar Linda Monk, author of The Words we Live by. We discuss the relationship between Congress and the President. Congress clearly has the power to act more forcefully. I’m just waiting for them to use their power that was written into the constitution. I switch gears and chat with Michael Wilbon, sportswriter for the Washington Post and co-host of Pardon the Interruption on ESPN. We talk about a lot of stuff – Pacman Jones, Sergio, Tiger, NBA gambling, NBA finals, US soccer and more.  This is a great show. Enjoy.

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