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The Golden State Warriors
The wonderfulness of the Warriors is hard to describe. I have seen some truly great basketball over my life time. The Celtics of the Bill Russell era, the Lakers with Magic and Worthy and Kareem, the Celtics with Bird, the 76’ers with the Doctor, the Spurs of the last 15 years and the Bulls with MJ. Now, I love watching the Warriors.  Watching them is like listening jazz. It is effortless. The ball moves – Curry to Green to Durant to Iguodala- bam.  They can score inside and outside. BUT and this is a huge BUT they also play defense.

The biggest difference between the Warriors of this year and last year is Curry didn’t have to carry the team.  Curry didn’t shoot that well in the 4th and 5th games. It didn’t really matter. Why? He still played defense and dished the rock very well. KD carried the team when Curry wasn’t hitting 3’s. KD showed up and played extremely well every game. (MVP!)

Let’s me take a second to address those folks who are dissing KD for leaving OKC to go to the Golden State. Y’all are haters. Let’s think about this. KD could continue to play in OKC with Russell Westbrook who believes that the most important player on the court or in the world is Russell Westbrook. Or he could leave and be a part of a team that shares the ball and understands what it takes to win a championship??? There is NO decision. He was NEVER going to win a championship with Russell Westbrook. Never.

Cleveland never had the fire power to keep up with Golden State. Everyone had to play perfectly in order for Cleveland to win. See Game 4.

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors!!!!

The US Open

The first round of the US Open has been completed and Rickie Fowler is leading with a 7 under 65. If Rickie can avoid the big number I think he has a good chance to win. Dustin Johnson who is #1 in the world shot a 3 over par 75. Jon Rahm shot 76. He has been playing great all year. Rory who was talked about as been the next dominant player. Everyone thought that he would contend every week. Rory McIlroy has been struggling since late last year. He is 6 over par after a single round.

Mayweather vs McGregor

Really? I’m sorry I really don’t care.


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Friday Morning News Roundup

Spring Weather

Spring Weather

News Roundup:

With Michele Bachmann relegated to “also ran” status, I guess she felt like she needed some camera coverage. What better way to get attention than to shout ObamaCare kills at the top of her lungs.

EA Sports CEO resigned after the company did NOT (need to proofread better!) meet its target. All I can say is the latest version of Madden Football seems to have been a big step backwards.

Paul Ryan budget gets voted down in the Senate. The Paul Ryan budget never seriously had a chance to pass the Senate.

One of these days we have to understand that race continues to play a large role in who gets arrested and who doesn’t.

In the whole history of the Senate there’ve only been 44 women.

Although it is spring, it sure doesn’t feel like it.

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Is Bill Belichick like Wall Street bankers?

Yesterday, the New England Patriots jumped on, stomped, destroyed, steamrolled and slapped around the Tennessee Titans. The final score was 59-0. The New England Patriots had already scored 35 points at halftime. Yet their head coach, Bill Belichick, continued to pour it on throughout the third quarter. Why? Greed? To send a message? What message? Is a 35-0 message too weak or wimpy?

In sports there’s something called sportsmanship. At least there used to be. This looks like the greed that we see on Wall Street. It is a kind of greed that will make you worry about your bonuses as your company is being saved by Bank of America. It is the kind of greed where you set up a scheme that is completely nonsustainable but you don’t care since you will have your money. In my opinion, this is what we saw.

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