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Again, from Congress we have smoke and mirrors. In theory this “crisis” came about because we need to raise the debt ceiling. Many deficit peacocks were worried about the deficit. So, they decided that the best thing to do would be to hold the economy hostage. Stupid parameters which are not related to real economic growth or job creation were placed in the way (for every dollar the debt ceiling is raised, we’ve cut the deficit by the same amount). Not one progressive was able to make a decent case throughout this months-long debate. The president’s “hit and run” strategy was a total failure. The president would make a speech with several excellent points, but didn’t follow up that speech with subsequent speeches around the country. Remember when the president had those great talking points about Republicans standing up for private jets and tax cuts for the rich? Where were those comments the last couple of days/weeks? Who stood up for the American people? The American people depend on Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. These programs make up the backbone of our safety net. I’m sorry, I just did not see President Obama or other progressives in the House or Senate stand up and make a thoughtful case. This went on day after day, week after week. Yet, from the other side of the aisle, Republicans hammered their simplistic talking points. We’re spending too much. We have a spending problem. We heard this garbage over and over again.

I have no idea how this thing going to play out over the next 24/48 hours. I’ve called on the president to use the 14th amendment. After using the 14th amendment, he must submit legislation to Congress to eliminate the debt ceiling. If Congress wants to save money, holding our economy hostage is not the way to do it. Stop appropriating money. Congress has a line-item veto. They have the ability to save money. They have the ability to shut down programs.

The last several weeks have made me sick to my stomach. There is no real leadership in Washington. The president has simply been going along to get along. Democrats in both the House and the Senate have been toothless and spineless. It is almost as if we have no core values. There’s only been one obscure House member who has a name we can’t pronounce (Raúl Grijalva) who’s been standing up for the American people and our core values. Default is not an option. Flushing our safety net down the toilet so that multimillionaires can get larger tax breaks and more corporate jets is obscene.

What are your thoughts?

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Save Soapblox

I read about this the other day and got sick to my stomach. This is the kind of crap that some people think is funny? Or maybe it was a deliberate attempt to wipe out several liberal blogs all at once. If the heat is too hot, burn down the kitchen? That seems to the philosophy of some hackers. Let’s fight back.

From DailyKos (I just sent some money.):

You know how some politicians are fond of saying “you can’t solve a problem by just throwing money at it.” Well, here is a problem you can solve by throwing money at it. Send in a contribution to save Soapblox now!.

Goal Thermometer

Why is Soapblox Important?
Soapblox is an inexpensive, community-building content management platform developed by Paul Preston and currently used by over 100 progressive blogs. For only $15 / month, Soapblox has offered most of the features available on sites like Daily Kos and MyDD: user diaries, recommended diaries, promoted diaries, interactive comments, comment ratings, tip jars, and even things like quick hits. It is a lot of functionality for not much price, making it ideal for independent, progressive, grassroots media. As such, it has been adopted by about 90% of the fifty-state blog network, and also by several national sites including Pam’s House Blend, My Left Wing, Swing State Project, and my own Open Left. Collectively, the blogs on Soapblox received over 50,000,000 page views in 2008, and provided a huge percentage of the state-level, local politics coverage in the progressive blogosphere.

Why Is Soapblox in Danger?
On Wednesday morning, Soapblox was hacked to within an inch of its life. A quarter of all Soapblox sites went completely offline, and their databases were gone. Most others were threatened, as My Left Wing and Open Left temporarily lost all of their diaries. The hackers were in so deep, that Paul temporarily threw in the towel and declared defeat. Dozens of bloggers that I knew were all frantically emailing each other. Desperate attempts were made to try and copy all of our data before The End. At one point I was, literally, running up and down the stairs in my apartment building freaking out, as there are few things I fear more than my website’s content being wiped out. It was an impending blog apocalypse, where the entire archive and operation of over 100 blogs were almost wiped off the Internet with no hope of return.

As the day went on, through a lot of effort Soapblox was able to fend off the attack, save all data, and restore full service. However, the threat remains. (more…)

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