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Special Edition of the Errington Thompson Show with Brad Friedman of Bradblog

sarah-palinLast Friday, I mentioned in a fairly long post, Sarah Palin’s press conference was bizarre in many aspects. The governor of Alaska, from out of nowhere, decided that she was going to quit. She’s been a long time during her press conference trying to convince someone that quitting was not really quitting. She talked about being a fighter, being a point guard and calling audibles.

Brad Friedman, of Bradblog, has really been all over this story since it first broke last Friday. He has a number of contacts in Alaska. He was the first, to the best of our knowledge, to suggest that there may have been some sort of federal investigation prompting Gov. Palin to resign prior to the announcement of the indictments. It is clear that these allegations are somewhat nebulous but with the sudden announcement comes wild speculation.

Sarah Palin lives on the banks of Lake Lucille. The house is surprisingly beautiful. It is over 3400 ft.². Yet, neither she nor her husband really make a lot of money. When her husband stated that he built the house by himself, while he works as a fisherman and on an oil rig, if I’m not mistaken, this also raised a lot of eyebrows. It is not that it is impossible for him to build a house. Instead, I’m not sure when he would’ve had time to build a house.  This just adds more questions especially when we remember that Sarah Palin and Former Senator Ted Stevens were very close.

We must also take into account this huge sports facility that was built in Wasilla, Alaska where Sarah Palin was mayor. The sports facility cost somewhere between $13 and $15 million. This is a paltry sum of money if the facility was built in Atlanta, Chicago or Los Angeles. Instead, this was the most expensive facility built in the town of only 5000 when Sarah Palin was mayor.

Finally, Brad Friedman is known as an expert in the field of US elections. He has blogged extensively on the 2004 election and its multiple problems. I ask him a few questions about the 2008 election and what we need to do to make our elections more about the will of the people.

This is a great conversation with Brad Friedman of Brad blog.

Mark Begich wins!

AP has called the Alaska Senate race for Mark Begich. Senator Ted Stevens has lost and this is a GREAT thing.

From TPM:  The Associated Press has projected that GOP Senator and convicted felon Ted Stevens has lost re-election, with the final major batch of absentee ballots giving Democratic challenger Mark Begich an insurmountable lead.

The current vote count: Begich 150,728 votes, Stevens 147,004 votes. Begich’s lead of 3,724 votes is greater than the roughly 2,500 outstanding ballots. By percentage, the 1.18% lead is beyond the 0.5% threshold that would have entitled Stevens to a state-funded recount.

Even if every last single outstanding ballot went to Stevens — an unlikely scenario, to say the least — he would still lose, and even if they broke for Stevens by a strong margin it would still likely be outside of the state-paid recount threshold.

What's going on – Evening News RoundUp

Monday Evening News Roundup

Brookshire Hathaway, the investment group led by Warren Buffett, posted a third-quarter profit of $1.06 billion. This was a net income decrease by 77%. It is the fourth straight quarter of profit loss, but it must be understood that they made a profit. It was just less profit than they’ve made in the past.

Political Animal’s Hilzoy had a nice post this morning on trusting Barack Obama. Personally, I believe that Barack Obama will have trouble from the left and from the right. He will not be liberal enough for the left and he won’t be conservative enough for the right.

Barack Obama and his advisers are working on a plan to close Guantánamo Bay, which needed to be done two years ago. Well, to be honest, Guantánamo Bay should never have been opened as the come one, come all detention center for folks we had no idea what to do with. We should have spent the intellectual capital to figure out the problem.
China is planning a massive investment in its own infrastructure. They are looking at $586 billion worth of investment.

Senator Harry Reid seem to be supporting Joe Lieberman, while at the same time speaking out relatively strongly against Senator Ted Stevens. The Lieberman saga continues.

Al Franken continues to narrow his deficit against incumbent Senator Norm Coleman. Franken now trails by only 204 votes.

Governor Howard Dean plans to step down as chair of the Democratic National Committee. I guess when all the pundits said you were wrong and foolish to believe in a 50-state strategy and you prove that the pundits were, beyond a shadow of a doubt, all morons…yep, it is time to step down.

MSNBC has extended Keith Olbermann’s contract and has given him any “healthy” raise. Congratulations, Keith.