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Why Lieberman can't be chairman of anything important

It is clear that Senator Joe Lieberman was “all in” with John McCain. I have no idea if Lieberman thought that McCain would offer him the position of Secretary of Defense or something else. I know that it is possible to campaign with McCain without cutting down Obama. He even spoke at the Republican Convention. How can we keep him in a chairmanship?

Glenn Greenwald had plenty to say about this:

Joe Lieberman didn’t merely campaign against Barack Obama and several other Democrats. That’s the least of his sins. He was not only among the most vocal supporters of the Iraq War, but at least as bad, has endorsed and supported every last radical Bush policy to expand executive power and surveillance activities while destroying core constitutional liberties and checks and balances. He used his Chairmanship for only one purpose: to block oversight into Bush scandals and corruption. He has spouted the most defamatory attacks, not only against Barack Obama, but against war opponents generally. More significantly still, Democrats in his own state — his own constituents — booted him out of the party, no longer wanting to be represented by him.

Think Progress has a position paper entitled Joe Lieberman: The Progressive who lost his way. This is a good and complete read of how Joe Lieberman has fallen from Vice President nominee to campaigning with John McCain.

Check out the video from DailyKos:

What's going on – Evening News RoundUp

Monday Evening News Roundup

Brookshire Hathaway, the investment group led by Warren Buffett, posted a third-quarter profit of $1.06 billion. This was a net income decrease by 77%. It is the fourth straight quarter of profit loss, but it must be understood that they made a profit. It was just less profit than they’ve made in the past.

Political Animal’s Hilzoy had a nice post this morning on trusting Barack Obama. Personally, I believe that Barack Obama will have trouble from the left and from the right. He will not be liberal enough for the left and he won’t be conservative enough for the right.

Barack Obama and his advisers are working on a plan to close Guantánamo Bay, which needed to be done two years ago. Well, to be honest, Guantánamo Bay should never have been opened as the come one, come all detention center for folks we had no idea what to do with. We should have spent the intellectual capital to figure out the problem.
China is planning a massive investment in its own infrastructure. They are looking at $586 billion worth of investment.

Senator Harry Reid seem to be supporting Joe Lieberman, while at the same time speaking out relatively strongly against Senator Ted Stevens. The Lieberman saga continues.

Al Franken continues to narrow his deficit against incumbent Senator Norm Coleman. Franken now trails by only 204 votes.

Governor Howard Dean plans to step down as chair of the Democratic National Committee. I guess when all the pundits said you were wrong and foolish to believe in a 50-state strategy and you prove that the pundits were, beyond a shadow of a doubt, all morons…yep, it is time to step down.

MSNBC has extended Keith Olbermann’s contract and has given him any “healthy” raise. Congratulations, Keith.

What's going on – News RoundUp

Friday afternoon News RoundUp

  • Tomorrow on the Errington Thompson Show (9 am EST – streaming here), one of my special guests will be my friend, blogging guru at Campaign for America’s Future, Bill Scher. I’ll also speak with the editor from the popular news website, Buzz Flash, Mark Karlin.
  • On Wednesday morning, newspapers from across the country had big banner headlines announcing that Barack Obama had won the election. Stunningly, the paper in Terrell, Texas led with their local election. Nowhere on their front page even today was there an acknowledgement of the presidential election. For this there is no excuse. Information on how to contact the editor can be found by clicking here.
  • Dan Froomkin, from the Washington Post, wrote a very nice article before the election asking a simple question. Did we really expect President Bush and Vice President Cheney to go quietly? President Bush enacted a whole host of federal regulations which free up private industry, power plants, mines and farms. For polluters, this is a dream come true!
  • Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman seems to be in a bit of hot water with Senator Harry Reid and the Democratic Party. Senator Lieberman campaigned hard for John McCain. He accused Barack Obama of being soft on terrorism and not understanding the problem. Remember that Lieberman was a Democrat before he changed his status to Independent when he lost the Democratic nomination in Connecticut back in 2006. He continued to caucus with the Democrats but now there is an intense discussion over stripping Senator Lieberman of his chairmanship of the Senate committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. Senator Lieberman has not held the Bush administration accountable for any wrongdoing. He has not investigated anything. His counterpart in the House, Henry Waxman has been investigating many aspects of the Bush administration. These last two years, Lieberman has been anything but an Independent. He has supported the Bush administration and John McCain on almost every major issue over the last several years. I’m not sure how allowing him to keep his chairmanship helps our country to move forward. In my opinion, what we need is someone to thoughtfully investigate some of the egregious violations of our Constitution which the Bush Administration inflicted on the American people. On the other hand, I don’t think we need to investigate every single aspect of George W. Bush’s White House. We do need to be thoughtful. I’m not sure that Senator Lieberman is the right person to head this job.
  • A friend of mine sent me an e-mail the other day. It was one of those “everything is great in the land of the free” emails. Though it was attributed to David Letterman, it was clearly written by some right wing think tank. The underlying point of this email was to tell Americans stop whining and be happy!  My response to this suggestion is to point out that most of the major things in our country are not going right. An excellent example is today’s job numbers. In October, for example, our economy lost 240,000 jobs. Since January,our economy has lost a little over 1.2 million jobs. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has dissected the numbers and it is not a pretty picture. To whomever wrote that email: Bite Me.
  • Kathleen Parker of the WaPo has a great personal story of what Barack Obama’s election meant to her.  Her story is one of the thousands/millions of American stories about race in our country.  Although race surrounds a lot of what we do and who we are, there have been signs for a number of years that things are changing.  Tuesday was a very emotional night for millions of Americans – Black, White or Brown.  It was more than Obama’s great words.  It is the simple fact of him and his beautiful family standing on that stage.  He was the president elect.  It is still an amazingly powerful image.